When a cat stops growing?

Cats go through various developmental stages before becoming an adult. Although experts differ in some specifics, especially when it comes to their exact beginning and end, we can differentiate some stages of growth that are fundamental to cat development.

The neonatal period

It begins after birth and ends around nine days of life, the kitten is a newborn has low wit and has yet to open their eyes, at this moment they have the ability to touch and smell but their mobility is very limited and they depend entirely on their mother to survive, from between nine and fifteen days after delivery, the transition period occurs.

The transition period

Here we willobserve the kitten starting togain mobility and autonomy, at this pointthe kitten opens their eyes and ear canals, after some weeksthe kitten will begin consuming solid foods, in addition to breast milk, they grow more independent, starting to run and play with their siblings, often in the form of cheering and play fighting each other, this an important part of the necessary socialization process, it is fundamental at this age that the kitten comes in contact with other animals and people, so they’re able to get used to interacting with others, it helps get a more friendly nature, the most important period of socialization ends about eight or nine weeks of life.


It is during this period the cat forms its definitive size and officially becoming a young adult, they usually become more relaxed, although they still have high play and activity drives, within theface of any doubt over what age a kitten stops growing, we willsee this because themoment when their size begins to stabilize, the quantityof time to reach full size will also depend on the breed and other factor.

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