Disney’s Live-Action Simba Was Based on the Cutest Lion Cub Ever!

The realistic approach towards the animated characters is one of Disney’s main selling points these days. One good thing about the reboots is that we get to see real actors and actresses trying their hardest to mimic their cartoon equivalents. Even I have to admit that Will Smith’s Genie was pretty amazing.

Anyway, back to the lions! Did you know that Disney animators used a real lion cub from the Dallas Zoo, as a model for Simba? Like it or not, these are straight facts!

Have you noticed how natural little Simba’s movements looked in the movie? That’s because the animators used a living, breathing lion cub Bahati as a reference!

Bahati shares her birthday with St. Patrick’s Day – on March 17, 2017.

Naturally, she has parents. It’s not like the Dallas Zoo cloned her. So here’s her mommy Lina.

And here’s her daddy – Kamau. Who’s also the pride’s leader.

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